Call For Paper

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

T1: Composite materials T2: Polymer materials T3: Materials Science
Nonmetal and Metal Compos
Nonmetallic and Nonmetallic Composites 
Metal Matrix Composites 
Fiber Composites 
Structural Composites 
Functional Composites 
Biological Composites 
Biomedical Composites 
Biomimetic Composites 
Hybrid Composite 
Textile Composites 
Nanotechnology Composites 
Ceramic Matrix Composites 
Laminated Composites 
Particle Ceinforced Composites 
Carbon Matrix Composites 
Green Composites 
Natural Composites 
Liquid Composite Molding 
Multi-functional Composites 
Composite Materials Engineering 
Fiberglass Composite Materials 
Fibers, Matrices and Interfaces 
Wood and Paper 
Reinforced plastics 
Mechanical Properties 
Composites Manufacturing 
Recycling of Composites and Sustainability 
Applications of Composites 
Additive Manufacturing 
Thermoplastic Materials 
Thermoset Materials 
Composite Interfaces 
Composite CAD/CAM 
Fatigue, Fracture and Damage of Composites 
Concrete and Reinforced Concrete 
Polymer optoelectronics  
Polymeric gels and networks  
Blends and alloys  
Engineering polymers  
Polymeric catalysts  
Radiation-related Polymers  
Polymer membranes for environments and energy  
Polymeric biomaterials  
Polymer synthesis and characterization  
Polymer processing  
Polymer structure and property, and the modeling and simulation  
Polymer surface and interface 
Polymer blends/alloys  
High performance polymers  
Functional polymers  
Crystalline polymers  
Semiconducting polymers  
Dielectric polymers  
Improvement of polymer-based processes  
Functional polymeric materials 
Polymers in energy applications  
medical polymer materials  
Polymer material processing technology  
Polymer synthesis technology

Materials Processing Engineering  
Materials Forming  
Materials Machining  
Metal alloy Materials  
Amorphous Materials 
Advanced Structural Materials  
Membrane Separation Materials  
Semi-conductor Materials  
Materials Physics  
Materials Chemistry  
Biological medical materials  
Smart Materials   
Advanced Textile Materials  
Powder Metallurgy  
Hybrid Optical materials
Micro / Nano/ Bio Materials  
Optical/ Electronic/ Magnetic Materials 
(New) Functional Materials  
Superhard material   
New Energy Materials  
Green Materials 
Energy and Environmental Materials  
High Performance Materials  
Inorganic Materials 
Materials Forming  
Material Properties, Performances, Characterization and Applications
Smart/Responsive polymers and soft-condensed matter systems
Current Technology in Manufacturing and Materials  
Functional and self-assembled materials